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Bologna: the next city to open its data

Posted by Margarita Angelidou at 17 April 2012 in Intelligent / Smart Cities Solutions

The city of Bologna in Italy has launched a data portal for local open data sets. The portal launched with 64 available data sets across a range of themes. By the end of 2012, the aim is to have some 200 data sets published in the Bologna data portal. The license for the data sets is Creative Commons 0 (CC0), which is equivalent to a public domain dedication.

The digital information produced and maintained by the City of Bologna must be a common good: on the basis of this principle, as a first step in the direction of OpenData (one of the points of the Digital Agenda of the City Bologna), ​​an assessment of the application portfolio of the Administration. The project involves all the departments of the Administration. It is the first time that the City of Bologna conducts a systematic investigation of this kind about applications managed by the ICT Department. The results of the survey have not only a technological relevance but represent a useful contribution to knowledge, bydefining a longer-term strategy for OpenData. During the survey was gathered information such as the presence of data already published on the internet, the formats used for publishing and the usefulness of the data to different purposes, soliciting the views of the owner of the datasets, in order to create an “Index of Open Data”. This is a measure of the “vocation”  to OpenData for each of the Department under investigation.

Visit Bologna’s Open Data Portal here.


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