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Urban big data

Posted by Isidoros Passas at 20 March 2016 in IntelCities Measurement

urban big data imageIn his latest article Prof. Rob Kitchin, on “The planner” elaborates how urban big data enables a highly granular, longitudinal system, whole system understanding of a city system or service.

In the article there is a presentation of The Dublin Dashboard, funded by Science Foundation Ireland, an interactive website and portal that provides access to a wide range of datasets about the city and a suite of visualisation and analysis tools.

Advocates of urban big data and the smart city technologies underpinning, argue, will break down silos between city agencies and departments and enable joined-up thinking and better coordination. This in turn will lead to improved governance and service delivery, more resilient critical infrastructure, increased transparency and accountability, a stronger economy, better quality of life, improved sustainability, and increased safety and security. While a key issues among them are privacy, data protection, and data security should be addressed consiously.

Read the fill article at: The Planner
Image adopted from original article on “The Planner”


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