On-line Applications

Benchmarking for corporations is an innovative tool that supports management in determining strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise based on specific quantitative indicators, and making use of data from other departments. URENIO has developed a series of benchmarking on-line applications. One of them refers to all enterprises while the rest refer to particular sectors.

URENIO has developed a series of benchmarking on-line applications. One of them refers to all enterprises while the rest refer to particular sectors.

Description of the applications

The applications produce benchmarking reports in text form, which compare the corporation with a determined target group of other corporations, using a great number of performance indicators. Thus, strengths and weaknesses are detected, mainly as regards to integrating technology into management, production, operations and growth.

Indicators of everyday practices have been chosen, to facilitate the definition of answers. This way, the performance of the enterprise is evaluated in such business processes as:

  • Finance
  • Administration and Management of Resources and Personnel
  • Strategy
  • Research and Development
  • Technology—equipment—facilities
  • Products and markets
  • Marketing
  • Quality and customer satisfaction
  • Warehouse management
  • Supply —production—customer chain
  • Production processes
  • Energy—environment—hygiene & safety

In the Benchmarking report, the values presented for each indicator are:

  • Real value
  • Percentage Rating of the corporation in the sample
  • Scope for Improvement (%)
  • Maximum value for each indicator
  • Minimum value for each indicator
  • The mean of the sample's values
  • Standard Deviation of the sample's values
  • The number of enterprises in the sample for each indicator.

In order for the benchmarking report to be more comprehensible, the indicators are classified under topic units and sub-units. In every unit there is a description of indicators with notes concerning each indicator, the graph corresponding to the indicators' group and the statistics for each indicator.

In order to use the applications, access codes are required, which are provided to certified specialized consultants.

Evaluation process

Step 1
Questionnaires are sent to the company 2-3 days before the first appointment, so as to familiarize the company with the philosophy and subject matter of the questions.
Step 2
A visit is paid to the premises of the enterprise, during which the questionnaires are completed. (The questionnaires can also be filled off-line)
Step 3
Connection to a central database and acquisition of questionnaires. Validity check when the process has been completed.
Step 4
Defining of the target group for benchmarking, based on criteria such as maximum and minimum turnover, maximum and minimum personnel, geographical regions where the companies are settled, chosen sectors, etc.
Step 5
In the final step, the actual Benchmarking Report is completed. A report of results is written out and discussed with the corporation's executives and solutions are proposed.