The Greek Benchmarking Center is an activity of the URENIO research unit which aims at popularizing the method of Benchmarking in corporations and organizations.

The Center provides its services to businesses via certified consultants who have access to the on-line benchmarking applications developed by the Center. The applications relate to all sectors of business in general, but also to specific ones (Processing, Tourism, Informatics).

The Center also provides benchmarking services to regions , where it monitors their performance in technological innovation in comparison with other regions.

Provision of Specialized Services

Training and Certification of Benchmarking Qualified Consultants

The Center carries out regular training and certification cycles for the qualification of Benchmarking Consultants (Benchmarking Qualified Consultants), on the provision of benchmarking services, by the use of the on-line applications it has developed. More »

Development of E-learning electronic node for benchmarking

An electronic node has been developed for anyone wishing to learn the technique of benchmarking. The electronic lesson addresses executives of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) who are interested in implementing this modern tool of innovation in their businesses. The lesson is designed so as to present in simple language and agreeable style the tool and its application in SMEs. View lesson »

Development of specialized modules

The expert research personnel of the Center is able to develop specialized modules for specific branches of the private sector which have special needs and wish to be compared with other corporations in their industry. The questionnaires and indicators are appropriately modified so as to fit the particularities of the sectors. View examples »

Innovation Measurement in Regions

The Center monitors the performance of regions in the area of technological innovation, by use of selected indicators. The results of this monitoring are annual presentations regarding the development of innovation and entrepreneurship within the regions in question. More »

Recent Projects

The Greek Benchmarking Center utilizes the vast experience of the URENIO Research Unit in the field of Benchmarking corporations and regions. Several indicative projects are described below:

Program: INNOREGIO (European Commission - Recite II Program 1999-2002)

Implementation of Benchmarking the business' performance
In the course of the program, seminars for the presentation of the Benchmarking technique were held in 400 businesses and organizations of technology transfer. The initial on-line benchmarking application was developed. Technology audits were carried out, with on-the-spot visits to businesses for the development of a course of action as regards to the methods and techniques of innovation. The data collected by the T-audits was entered in the application's database. Benchmarking reports were then written for about 300 enterprises.

Program: Innovative Actions in Thessaly, Greece - INVENT (under ERDF 2000-2006)

Certification of Benchmarking Consultants in Thessaly
Training workshops were held with the participation of business consultants, executives of businesses, of Chambers, and of research and development organizations located in the geographical region of Thessaly for the certification of Benchmarking Qualified Consultants. As a result, 40 Benchmarking consultants were certified, who were successfully trained to carry out benchmarking applications on behalf of businesses.

Benchmarking Reports for Corporations
Ο εμπλουτισμός της βάσης δεδομένων της εφαρμογής Benchmarking με 52 επιχειρήσεις έγινε από τους πιστοποιημένους συμβούλους. Τα στοιχεία συλλέχτηκαν μετά από την συμπλήρωση του ερωτηματολογίου από στελέχη της επιχείρησης με την επίβλεψη των συμβούλων (BQC), μέσο προσωπικών επαφών και επισκέψεων με τα κύρια στελέχη της επιχείρησης. Τα στοιχεία καταχωρήθηκαν στη βάση δεδομένων και μετά από επικύρωση των στοιχείων παράχθηκαν οι αναφορές (Benchmarking reports) για κάθε επιχείρηση από την Ερευνητική Μονάδα Urenio. The updating of the Benchmarking application database with 52 enterprises was carried out by the certified consultants. The data was collected after the questionnaire was filled in by the company's executives under the consultants' supervision, through personal contacts and meetings with the company's chief executives. The data was entered into the database and after its validation the Benchmarking reports were written for every company by the Urenio Research Unit. The most important sectors of the region were chosen, such as Textile/Apparel, Food/Beverage, Metallurgy, Carpentry/Furniture, Constructions and Miscellaneous (businesses that do not fall under any of the above sectors, but are important for benchmarking the region's corporations).

Innovation Measurement
Indicators of entrepreneurship and innovation for the Thessaly region were set, based on data gathered beforehand. As a result, annual reports were prepared, regarding development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the region for the years 2002 and 2003.

Program: Knowledge Clusters in Western Macedonia (Innovative Actions under ERDF 200-2006)

New Digital Benchmarking Application for the Manufacturing sector
The new digital benchmarking application was carried out based on the analysis of the current conditions of Benchmarking in Greece as well as abroad, in the sector of Manufacturing, in which the program focuses its interest. The result of the analysis was the restructuring and redesigning of the benchmarking application that was developed on November 2001 by the research unit of Urban and Regional Innovation. The application is web based and utilizes the features of the relational database (SQL Server) for optimal comparison and preparation of benchmarking reports.

Certification of Benchmarking Consultants in Western Macedonia
Training workshops were held for the certification of Benchmarking Qualified Consultants, under the framework of the EU program "Knowledge Clusters in Western Macedonia", with the participation of business consultants, executives of businesses, of Chambers, and of research and development organizations located in the geographical region of Western Macedonia. As a result, 65 Benchmarking consultants were certified, with the aim to create an adequate number of local certified consultants in the region, so as to carry out the applications on behalf of the region's corporations.

Program: Innovation in the Ionian Islands-3I (Innovative Actions under ERDF 2000-2006)

Construction of New Module for Tourist Enterprises
The new Module for tourist enterprises was based on the results of the survey concerning the analysis of the Benchmarking applications in the sector of tourism and on the research of that sector in Greece. Experts in that sector contributed in choosing and formulating the indicators and in creating the questionnaire; thus, a complete module for tourist enterprises was constructed, in full accordance with the challenges posed by today's world and compatible with the reality of tourist enterprises. The format of the benchmarking report includes graphic representations measuring the market share and the corporation's scope for improvement in all the chosen indicators (90 in all) that have been processed and developed in the application (an explanation of each indicator is also included).

Program: Innovation for Sustainable Tourism and Services in the Southern Aegean - ISTOS (Innovative Actions under ERDF 2000-2006)

Construction of New Module for tourist settlements
The new module for tourist settlements will be constructed based on similar Benchmarking applications on a worldwide scale, as well as on the research that has been conducted in Greece. Furthermore, experts on the field will participate in choosing and formulating the indicators and in creating the questionnaire.


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