Consultants' Certification Procedure

The benchmarking service for corporations is provided by a network of certified consultants, by use of the on-line applications of the URENIO Research Unit.

The Greek Benchmarking Center organizes training workshops on the use of applications, in various Greek cities. Participants attain the title "Certified Benchmarking Consultants for corporations".

The certification procedure is open. A considerable number of consultants have been certified in Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia, Thessaly, etc.

Participants in the "Benchmarking Qualified Consultants" workshops acquire:

  • Certified qualification on implementing benchmarking applications - Certificate of Benchmarking Qualified Consultants - (BQC)"
  • Access via access codes to the existing εφαρμογή Benchmarking of installed corporations as well as to the benchmarking database.
  • Know-how on the method through on-line use of the tools.
  • Support in filling out questionnaires in corporations and automatic generation of benchmarking reports by use of the tools (manual - CD-ROM)

The training program is targeted at corporations/organizations executives, business consultants and individuals.

Applicants for the program must be University graduates.

Duration: 4 hours
Place of Seminars: URENIO, Aristotle University Farm, Airport vicinity, Thessaloniki. (The training program can also be organized in another city, should there be a large number of participants from there.)

To apply fill in the application form and send it:
By e-mail : [email protected] ή
Fax: 2310-472240

For more information concerning the program and cost of the training workshops please contact:
Greek Benchmarking Center
Dimitris Milossis
Tel:(+30) 2310-489304
E-mail: [email protected]

Certified Consultants


Greek Benchmarking Center
Milossis Dimitris
Tel: (+30) 2310-489304
E-mail: [email protected]