Futures for Regional Development

FUTURREG project is designed to have significant long-term impacts for regional development policies, especially by ensuring that policies - and regional development organisations - are informed by high-quality futures tools and participatory processes

Futures & Regions: Making Futures Work for Regional Development

The FUTURREG's final conference drew a lot of the leading futures experts from the corporate sector, public sector and academia. The conference is been held in Sligo, Ireland.

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Project's Objectives

The FUTURREG project aims:

  • To develop a common futures toolkit, that can be used in all EU regions.
  • To increase the use of futures tools.
  • To apply the futures toolkit to regional development issues.

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Project's Activities


The final version of the FUTURREG Toolkit is available.
Download (PDF file, 85 pages, 1.286KB).

The Wales Futures Network

The Observatory of Innovation (Cardiff University and FUTURREG Lead Partner), under the aegis of the FUTURREG project, has established the Wales Futures Network. It is open to all organisations that are interested in exploring key themes and questions from futures perspectives and also as a mechanism to share knowledge and understanding of these innovative planning tools. Continue reading...

5th Steering Committee Meeting

Cardiff, 26 April 2007

5th Steering Committee Meeting
Photos from the event are available. Continue reading...

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The Project's Partners

Cardiff University URENIO Research Unit The Destrée Institute Economic Development Agency of La Rioja Malta Council for Science and Technology FFRC, Turku School of Economics Border, Midland and Western Regional Assembly