Project's Objectives

The FUTURREG project has the following three main objectives:

  • To develop a common futures toolkit, including scenarios, visioning and futures forecasting that can be used in all EU regions. This will be done by pooling the knowledge and resources of the partners through inter-regional exchange. A sub-objective will be to identify tools and processes that are appropriate for different regional uses;
  • To increase the use of futures tools in association with other foresight approaches within the regional policy-making system. A sub-objective will be to strengthen the futures capacity of the regions, using an inter-regional network approach. A further sub-objective will be to facilitate stronger linkages between different actors within the regional policy system (through regional networking), especially between public authorities and futures experts. Inter-regional futures workshops will be used to meet the objective.
  • To apply the futures toolkit to regional development issues and problems. There will be real time applications of the futures toolkit within foresight exercises.