Michaƫl Van Cutsem
Director of Research
[email protected]

Foresight Unit
The Destrée Institute

Avenue Louis Huart, 9
B-5000 Namur
Phone : +32 (0)81 23 43 90
Fax :+32 (0)81 22 64 11

The Destrée Institute

The Destree Institute is a non governmental and not for profit organisation founded in 1938 under Belgian legislation. It is located in the Wallonia Region. Its action is directed to the promotion of four main fields: research, information and technology, foresight, and citizenship.

Its research department has developed a specific expertise in regional history, on political, economic and cultural levels. Its centres of interest have been extended to federalism, as well as to the political structure of regional entities and their possible relations in Europe as well as in the world. The Destree Institute has been involved, as an expert or as a project manager, in programs questioning these themes, launched by organisations such as the European Parliament, the Assembly of European Regions, institutions depending from the International Organisation of the Francophonie, the French Community Wallonia-Brussels, or the Wallonia Region.

Benefiting from its specific experience, and from its contacts with international networks (Futuribles, the World Futures Studies Federation, etc.), The Destree Institute created a foresight department.

The mission of the prospective unit has an important methodological dimension: The Destree Institute wishes to keep up with conceptual evolutions in foresight, and to be on the watch to detect all events or signals which could be meaningful to prepare for the future. This activity of research can be led directly or within a partnership. Finally, The Destree Institute offers a consulting service.

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