Economic Development Agency of La Rioja


Arturo Fernández Villamando
Coordinator of innovation and technology
Tel: +34 941291530
Fax: +34 941291537
[email protected]

Economic Development Agency of La Rioja
C/ Muro de la Mata 13-14
260071 LOGROÑO

Economic Development Agency of La Rioja

The Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER) is an organisation which works towards consolidating and promoting the business and industrial fabric of our Autonomous Region, with the aim to place them beside the most developed regions in Europe.

ADER is a public organisation run by the La Rioja Government's Ministry of Agriculture and Economic Development, which aims to implement the policy of economic-industrial promotion mainly within the field of SMEs.

Our overall objective is to foster regional economic development, promoting the consolidation and creation of new companies in La Rioja and generating an atmosphere conducive to the prosperity of local enterprises.

The ADER's principal objectives and areas of activity are:

  • Support for different business initiatives through the granting of subsidies.
  • The consolidation of the local business-production fabric and the improvement of the productive capacity and efficiency of local companies.
  • Promotion of technological innovation in SMEs and advice on patents and trade marks.
  • Promotion of an enterprising culture.
  • Encouraging companies to participate in European projects.
  • Promotion of Trasnational Technology Transfer.
  • Boosting of trade in La Rioja.
  • Boosting of business design.
  • Internationalisation of SMEs.

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