The Malta Council for Science and Technology


Jennifer Cassingena Harper
Director, Policy Unit
[email protected]

The Malta Council for Science and Technology
Villa Bighi
Kalkara CSP 12

The Malta Council for Science and Technology

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) is made up a small core permanent team of young researchers under the direction of a high level Board appointed by the Prime Minister.

Set up since 1988 to provide strategic advice to Government on science, technology and innovation policy, MCST has over the years been responsible for identifying and addressing major science and technology challenges for Malta, thereby contributing to the development of coherent and sustainable policy visions and initiatives. In this role, MCST has pioneered visionary approaches to the deployment of science and technology, e.g. the National Strategy for Information Technology in 1994.

In 2003, MCST presented to Cabinet proposals for a new RTDI Strategy aimed at introducing 'whole of government approaches' to research and innovation policy. Cabinet approved the setting up a new National RTDI Programme aimed at implementing this strategic vision.

In 2005, MCST's role has been further strengthened through its new location within the Office of the Prime Minister, where it can play a more strategic coordinating role in scientific research and technological innovation through the development of cross-ministerial joined-up policy approaches.

MCST is currently working on a major priority-setting exercise based on a wide consultation process, for targeting government investments in the National RDIST Plan to be launched mid-2006. MCST is also the National Contact Point Organisation for FP6 as well coordinating Malta's representation in the EU Research Council.

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