The partners conceive of FUTURREG as a way of exchanging experiences gained from the use of foresight and futures tools and techniques carried out in Innovative Actions and other regional development policies. The operations have been designed to exploit the knowledge that is distributed across the consortium, and through close interactions with regional authorities, to strengthen regional development policies and programmes through mainstreaming successful foresight and futures approaches. Every partner has been engaged fully in the development of the proposal. It has been an iterative process in which ideas and feedback have been received by all partners, who have consulted with their regional stakeholders.

Partners' Experience

The Lead Partner, Cardiff University, has considerable experience in interregional cooperation and Structural Funds financed operations. Over the past 8 years, Cardiff Business School has carried out the following projects:(1)Wales Regional Technology Plan (DG Regio), (2)InnoRegio (RECITE II, DG REGIO) -with 5 other regions, (3)AUTOCHAIN (TransRegional Innovation Project), with 3 other regions, (4) Foresight for Regional Development Network, FOREN (DG Research, FP 5 STRATA), with a large network of organisations to develop a Foresight guide, (5) TASK Programme (Innovative Actions Wales), (6) European Regional Sustainable Development Network. Cardiff University acted as co-ordinators to establish the Innovative Actions Programme Network on Regional Identity and Sustainable Development - with 12 member regions (for the Welsh Assembly Government), (7)META-FORESIGHT (EU Regions of Knowledge), with 4 other inter-regional partners, (8)NPD-NET (INTERREG IIIC, East Zone), with 6 other regions, (9)Member of the Secretariat of the RIS/RITTS Network (DG Enterprise), 199597, involving 100 EU regions. Currently, Cardiff University is co-ordinating several FP6 projects and has completed many Objective 1 and 2 projects.

URENIO (P2) has extensive experience of inter-regional cooperation and Structural Funds projects, including RTP of Central Macedonia, InnoRegio (co-ordinator), VERITE (Thematic Network, DG Enterprise), STRATINC (INTERREG IIIC), NPD-NET (co-ordinator) and META-FORESIGHT.

The Destree Institute's (P3) recent inter-regional projects include META-FORESIGHT and the SPIDER project (EU Regions of Knowledge).

ADER (P4) has carried out a number of EU projects, including FEBAT, FIDES, INNOVA, SME-TIC and CENEO-IRC.

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (P5) has undertaken a range of co-operation projects including the ERA-NET ForSociety project (FP6), eFORESEE (FP5) and IPR-GUIDE (Innovation Project).

The Finland Futures Research Centre (P6) has participated in a number of European co-operation projects, including co-ordination of the SPIDER project.

The Border, Midland and Western Regional Assembly is responsible for the administration of Structural Funds operations in the region. The most recent example is the Regional Innovative Actions Programme, which has carried out a regional Foresight exercise. The region is currently a partner in the REGINA INTERREG IIIB programme with 6 Atlantic Arc partners.

All partners maintain close links with their respective regional authorities and a wide range of other regional stakeholders.