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A self-sustained R&D valorisation network

INTERVALUE project aims to bridge the gap between R&D creators, producers, financiers and marketers by creating a trans-national mechanism that facilitates the valorization of research results.

R&D results collection

1000 research outcomes that could possibly lead to the development of new products, new production processes and new services will be collected and submitted to the R&D Repository. Each result will be accompanied by an IPR valorisation agreement.

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R&D results valorization plans creation

A network of experts will help researchers to create valorisation plans by exploring the technical feasibility, scientific relevance, market potential and investing/funding potential of the R&D result. This process will be assisted by the web platform and the workflow tools.

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Dissemination and communication activities

During the project each partner will organize a number of brokerage events in its country to inform the regional actors. These events are aiming to enhance the R&D exploitation and create cooperation mechanisms for integrating the R&D results into product ideas.

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R&D results exploitation plans and agreements

Exploitation Plans will be created for the most promising R&D results. Then valorisation of R&D will start with the creation of exploitation networks, drafting of IPR agreements and further improvement of R&D results to facilitate their implementation.

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About the Project


The overall objective of the project is to set up a mechanism covering most of the SEE area, which allows sharing and dissemination of key technologies and help to establish supply chains between the R&D institutions and the business sector. The project follows an integrated approach for strengthening the linkages among university R&D, industries, and public or private funding schemes through involvement of experts in evaluation and valorisation of R&D results. INTERVALUE sets two strategic goals:

  1. Enhancement of interregional cooperation by enlarging the capacity and marketability of R&D results through joint actions and by creating critical mass of R&D results in selected areas.
  2. Commercial exploitation of research outcomes delivered from the SEE research centers which will improve their capabilities to demonstrate their research outcomes and will facilitating SMEs to find solutions in specific technological problems.

Expected Results and Durability

  1. An R&D repository containing at least 850 R&D results and 370 expert assessments of the most promising of them will be created and form the base for the future R&D results repository of the region
  2. An average of 5 exploitation plans for new product ideas per participating country will be integrated ending up in valorisation agreements (39 in total).
  3. Participating institutions will integrate their capacity to support exploitation of R&D results.
  4. A sustainability plan for this initiative will be defined based on the experience gained throughout the project.
  5. A network of R&D intermediaries covering most of SEE

After the end of the project the partners will continue to operate as a network of R&D Valorisation units, overseen by a steering committee that will undertake the management of the network and build upon the experience gained during the project.


INTERVALUE includes a set of knowledge development and support actions aiming to enhance the R&D exploitation culture and create cooperation mechanisms between the business sector and the academia. This aim could only be served by involvement for each of the participating countries R&D institutions and intermediate institutions (relay or development centres) acting together.

Our consortium covers most of the SEE area with mostly two partners per participating country: one academic institution (the pool of R&D results) and an intermediary institution (linking R&D with the business sector).

Project’s News & Activities

R&D Results Repository is growing…

INTERVALUE partners keep on collecting R&D results which are presented in the R&D Results Repository ( The Repository has currently 263 results for which partners have collected descriptions. We are happy to also include results from Slovenia from Jozef Stefan Institute which voluntarily contributes to the Repository.

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4th Steering Committee meeting in Craiova, Romania

The 4th meeting of INTERVALUE Steering Committee took place in Craiova Romania, hosted by our partner Regional Development Agency of South West Oltenia. During the 2 days meeting the partners discussed a number of major project issues. Read More »

Presentation of INTERVALUE in ICEIRD Conference

The INTERVALUE concept and project activity will be presented in the ICEIRD (International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development) Conference. Read More »

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