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Kick-off Meeting

kick-off thessalonikiThe kick-off meeting for INTERVALUE (a project of the “South East Europe Program”) took place in Thessaloniki, Greece at 28-29 May 2009 with representation by all project partners. Since INTERVALUE is related to valorisation of academic research, a major part of this meeting was repated to the status in partner countries as regards to Research and Development as regards to mechanisms for R&D and cooperation with the business sector. 

The meeting had the following sections:

A. The R&D status in partner regions: One representative per country presented the status in his/her country. These presentations are available for downloading below:

(a) The R&D status in Central Macedonia (Greece)
(b) The R&D status in Bulgaria
(c) The R&D status in Romania
(d) The R&D status in Hungary
(e) The R&D status in Region of Abbruzzo
(f) The R&D status in Udine
(g) The R&D status in Serbia  

B. Analyis of the R&D valorisation process included in the INTERVALUE project (Presentation by Prof. Nicos Komninos (URENIO Research Unit, Aristotle University)

C. Specifications for the INTERVALUE platform
(Presentation by Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos (URENIO)

D. The INTERVALUE R&D results collection process

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