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Expected Results

The expect results are:

  1. An R&D repository containing at least 850 R&D results and 370 expert assessments of the most promising of them will be created and form the base for the future R&D results repository of the region
  2. An average of 5 exploitation plans for new product ideas per participating country will be integrated ending up in valorisation agreements (39 in total).
  3. Participating institutions will integrate their capacity to support exploitation of R&D results.
  4. A sustainability plan for this initiative will be defined based on the experience gained throughout the project.
  5. A network of R&D intermediaries covering most of SEE

The INTERVALUE partners are determined to continue its function well beyond the duration of the project. After the end of the project the partners will continue to operate as a network of R&D Valorization units, overseen by a steering committee that will undertake the management of the network and build upon the experience gained during the project. It will aim to include new members from countries that did not participate in INTERVALUE thus creating more potential for exploitation and commercialization of R&D.

Financial sustainability will be achieved through a) the low cost of the network of the valorization units and b) income that will be created by the assessment services as well as an implementation success fee for each R&D result that is successfully commercialized.

INTERVALUE will capitalize on different levels of results:

  • The experts database will be used for continuous activities of R&D valorization and by each one of the partners as a pool of expertise for ad hoc assignment.
  • The web based platform will be continuously updated with information that will help the partners keep up with latest developments.
  • The R&D repository will be promoted as a SEE R&D repository that can bring research ideas closer to the market and will expand with the addition of more R&D results including results from more countries and sectors.
  • The major deliverable of the project will be the 39 NPD EXPLOITATION plans and IPR agreements. The resulting business applications will be followed up by the partners in order to establish successes and failures and learn valuable lessons that will help them improve the valorization process.
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