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INTERVALUE adopts a bottom-up approach that allows interesting research to reach its market potential through a process of selection and promotion to relevant stakeholders. It will focus on two major cross cutting sector of major importance to the region (Information and Telecommunication Technologies and energy/ environmental technologies) and will allow for at least one other sector to be selected by each of the partners in the implementation phase. The project will create a mechanism that has the following characteristics:

  • It adopts a systematic approach on identification and exploitation of potentially marketable R&D
  • It brings together researchers and businesses across the SEE borders, thus contributing to the creation of a regional innovation market
  • It can be easily expanded to other countries and research areas by bringing in more partners after the completion of the project.

The methodology adopted by the project includes the following steps:

  1. Identification of R&D results created by research centers in the region that have some market potential
  2. Creation of a transnational pool of experts that can offer their advice on market potential, technical feasibility, scientific relevance and funding opportunities.
  3. Assessment by the experts of market potential of selected R&D results
  4. Development of exploitation plans and valorisation agreements for the most promising of the assessed R&D results and support of their valorisation potential
  5. Systematically promote linkage between research and business through focused brokerage events

These steps will be complemented by a multilingual web 2.0 based knowledge suite, with complete methodological guides that clarify aspects to accomplish new product development and intellectual property management.

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