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R&D Results Repository is growing…

INTERVALUE partners keep on collecting R&D results which are presented in the R&D Results Repository ( The Repository has currently 263 results for which partners have collected descriptions. We are happy to also include results from Slovenia from Jozef Stefan Institute which voluntarily contributes to the Repository.

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4th Steering Committee meeting in Craiova, Romania

The 4th meeting of INTERVALUE Steering Committee took place in Craiova Romania, hosted by our partner Regional Development Agency of South West Oltenia. During the 2 days meeting the partners discussed a number of major project issues. Continue reading »

INTERVALUE web platform operation

The project’s web platform is available at It is a meta-repository of R&D results and a collaborative web-space facilitating the interaction between researchers, companies and experts, and supporting innovation by academic research. Continue reading »

3rd Steering Committee meeting in Teramo, Italy

The 3rd meeting of the INTERVALUE Steering Committee took place in Teramo, Italy hosted by our partner Punto Europa Consortium of Teramo (COPE TE). The project meeting was a part of a two days project activity which included an open event aiming to stimulate the regional and academic authorities of Abbruzzo for this project.  Continue reading »

2nd Steering Committee Meeting

Sofia meetingThe second meeting of the INTERVALUE Steering Committee took place in Sofia at 15-16 October 2009.  SC members discussed the current status of the project and defined the next steps for the coming period. The main discussion issues were the following: Continue reading »

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