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Kick-off Meeting

kick-off thessalonikiThe kick-off meeting for INTERVALUE (a project of the “South East Europe Program”) took place in Thessaloniki, Greece at 28-29 May 2009 with representation by all project partners. Since INTERVALUE is related to valorisation of academic research, a major part of this meeting was repated to the status in partner countries as regards to Research and Development as regards to mechanisms for R&D and cooperation with the business sector. Continue reading »

SEE Programme selects its first projects

SEE Programme logoA number of 42 high-quality and innovative transnational cooperation projects have been selected by the Monitoring Committee of the South East Europe Programme during its meeting in Vienna on 10-11 March 2009. The funds allocated to the 1st call projects amount to roughly 37 % of the Programme overall ERDF budget allocated to projects. Continue reading »

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