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INTERVALUE includes a set of knowledge development and support actions aiming to enhance the R&D exploitation culture and create cooperation mechanisms between the business sector and the academia. This aim could only be served by involvement for each of the participating countries R&D institutions and intermediate institutions (relay or development centres) acting together.

Our consortium covers most of the SEE area with mostly two partners per participating country: one academic institution (the pool of R&D results) and an intermediary institution (linking R&D with the business sector).

In Greece: URENIO Research Unit has developed and operates the Digital Research Centre which is the root of this project and SEERC acts in years in linking SEE countries regarding for valorization and assists knowledge diffusion between research performers, knowledge transfer institutions and industry.

In Bulgaria: ARC Fund is the lead NGO in Bulgaria in the field of innovation policy, innovation and technology transfer, and networking and exchange of experience and Technical University of Sofia is the lead R&D institution in the area.

In Romania: Valorisation will be achieved through cooperation of the Regional Development agency of SW Oltenia and University of Craiova which has created a wide range of R&D centres in the area.

In Hungary: TPA plays a technology transfer role for many years and ITTK is located in the most respected Hungarian university in science and engineering (Budapest University).

In Italy: Two strong policy makers act in line with University of Udine a R&D institution with has great experience in the area.

INTERVALUE consortium also includes two Western Balkan countries: Serbia (through Mihajlo Pupin Institute, a leading Serbian R&D institution in information and communication technologies, the biggest and the oldest in the whole South Eastern Europe area) and FYROM (through the institutional “agency for promotion of entrepreneurship”).

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