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Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOFIA logoThe Technical University of Sofia is a major educational research and production complex offering highly qualified trainers, engineers and technical staff, with modern laboratory facilities and considerable capacities for experimentation and production. It is the largest higher engineering school in Bulgaria. More than 60 years TUS prepares specialists in the field of engineering. For this period, over 100 000 engineers have graduated from it and have found realization in Bulgaria and other countries.

The structure of TUS includes 10 main faculties: Automatics, Electronic Engineering and Technologies, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Machine Technology, Power Engineering and Power Machines, Computer Systems and Control, Telecommunications, Transportation and Management. TUS includes also Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of German Engineering Education and Industrial Management, French Language Faculty of Electrical Engineering, English Language Faculty of Engineering, Free Faculty. The three language (English, German and French) faculties offer training in foreign languages and according curricula and programs of foreign universities – partners. The students in these faculties receive diplomas that are recognized alongside diplomas issued in the respective countries.

About 16000 students are trained in TU-Sofia for receiving bachelor degree in 26 specialties and for receiving master degree in 35 specialties. In addition graduate students are trained in more than 50 scientific specialties.

The high qualified academic staff of the University carries out dynamic research activities, developing scientific products being competitive on the world market. There is a Research and Development Sector (R&DS) at TUS. The R&DS is an autonomous unit through which all contracted research and its complementary activities are implemented. R&DS realized a significant amount of international research activities, primarily under the auspices of the EU Programs: COPERNICUS, Fifth and Six Framework Programs etc.

The TU – Sofia has created structures and favorable conditions for the development of scientific research, production and applied research implementation activities on contract basis with industry and governmental institutions.

The Faculty of Computer Systems and Control has more than 30 year long history. At present, it involves two departments: the Department of Computer Systems and the Department of Programming and Computer Systems Applications, and employs more than 65 lecturers: professors, assistant professors and supporting staff. Currently the Faculty offers one Bachelor and four Master degree programs in Computer Science education areas. Along with the traditional Computer Systems and Technologies curriculum, three new MSc programs satisfy the expanding interest of students, as well as the requests of the society: Computer Technologies and Applied Programming, Multimedia Technologies for Non-technical Implementations and Computer Technologies for Environmental Management. The Faculty of Computer Systems and Control has provided scientific supervision to about hundred Ph.D. students in the area of artificial intelligence systems, computer systems and networking, embedded systems, synthesis and analysis of algorithms, computer vision, internet programming etc. The Faculty has the following research laboratories: Research and Training Laboratory on Microprocessors and Microcomputers; R&D Laboratory on Local Area Networks; R&D Laboratory on Multimedia in Higher Education.

The Department of Programming and Computer Technologies is a relatively young unit (25 years) of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Control. Its staff consist of 28 high qualified and enthusiastic lecturers (13 associate professors, 15 assistant professors) and 1 supporting staff. Currently the Department delivers basic computer programming and application courses to all the students at TUS. Additionally, it provides specialized education to Computer Science and Technology students on different topics as programming languages, information systems, databases, computer systems and networking, computer graphics and multimedia, artificial intelligence and others.

The members of the Department work in the following Research areas: Computer Architectures, Computer programming, Algorithms and Data structures, Data and Information Management, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence.

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