RIS for the South and East region of Lithuania

The main objective of the RIS-Lithuania project is to raise awareness and enlarge the scope of the concept of innovation as well as to integrate it within the regional economic development strategies as a priority task. RIS-Lithuania is being coordinated by Kaunas University of Technology Regional Business Incubator. More specifically the project aims to:

  • Establish a policy-making process conducive to creating innovation policy, improving coordination of innovation policy and instituting a policy learning process,
  • Place innovation at the heart of further reforms of the legal and regulatory environment, including the tax system, in order to encourage the uptake of innovation in enterprises,
  • Strengthen the creation and diffusion of knowledge and technology in the economy through improved interactions between actors in the innovation system via mobility of human resources, improvement of collaboration infrastructure between R&D and business sector and development of business networks and clusters,
  • Address the low number of innovative enterprises through support for the technology update and creation of start-ups and new technology based firms especially in the fields of IT, laser technologies, biotechnologies, mechatronics and nanotechnologies, and
  • Increase awareness and understanding and promote a culture open to innovation, creativity and cooperation.
You can read more on the Project's Official website