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Kaunas Regional Innovation Centre (IC, www.ic.ktc.lt) is the first innovation centre in Lithuania established in 1994 as a department of Kaunas University of Technology. In 2003 IC became an independent public institution. With 10 years experience in monitoring innovation in science institutions, marketing new technologies, bringing together technology demand and supply, IC aims to stimulate technology transfer processes by supporting SMEs participation in international innovation and SMEs programs, projects and events and providing training and technical support to improve their innovation management skills. IC is experienced in development of programmes and strategies, including economic development programmes for 6 Lithuanian regions and Concept for Science Parks Development in Lithuania. IC has participated in a number of EU projects addressing innovation promotion, technology transfer, business incubation and innovation management. IC is one of the two Innovation centres currently operating in Lithuania that provide innovation support services to SMEs and play the role of intermediary between science and business.

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K.Petrausko str. 26-221, LT-44158 Kaunas, LITHUANIA
Tel.: (370) 37 333036
Fax: (370) 37 333323
email:[email protected]