Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Urban and Regional Innovation Research Unit URENIO


The Urban and Regional Innovation research unit (URENIO) is a University Lab for the promotion of applied research and the supply of scientific and technological services. URENIO is part of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Development in the Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

URENIO's research focuses on territories of innovation, which base their development on R&D, innovation, knowledge-intensive companies, technology infrastructure, and knowledge and information networks. Recent research is mainly about intelligent cities and regions, which offer a fourth generation innovation environment, after the R&D lab, technology districts and learning regions, combining innovative clusters, learning institutions, and digital innovation services.

Ongoing research projects are dealing with:
  • Innovation systems and regional innovation strategies: Regions of excellence, knowledge-based urban and regional development. Management of regional systems of innovation. RIS and RITTS projects. Development and assessment of clusters, technopoles, science and technology parks. Assessment of regional innovative projects.
  • Strategic intelligence: Cluster, business, and regional intelligence. Foresight. Market and technology watch. Benchmarking for companies, communities and regions. Measurement of innovation.
  • Innovation development: New product development. Technology assessment. Technology transfer. Brokering and IPR. Training to innovation, Planning innovation centres and incubators.
  • Virtual innovation environment and digital cities: Online innovation management tools and technologies (portals, expert tools, e-learning, roadmaps, databases). Physico-virtual clusters, science and technology parks. Digital city platforms and e-communities.

The Unit is involved in competitive projects from the European R&D Framework Programmes and the Innovative Actions of the ERDF. Applied projects were funded by national and regional authorities, business associations, and companies. URENIO provides also a series of services concerning the creation of environments for innovation. The overall activity of URENIO concerns the ability of cities and regions to create environments supporting R&D, innovation, human skills, and intelligence.


Contact details

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