Latvian Technological Center (LTC)


Latvian Technological Center (LTC, is an innovation and technology oriented business support structure. It was founded in 1993 by Riga City Council, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physical Energetic and Latvian Union of Scientifically Technical Associations. LTC is a business incubator and stimulates the establishment and growth of knowledge based SMEs and supports cooperation between research and industry as well as encourages SMEs trans-national cooperation. LTC is FP6 NCP for "Specific SME activities" and "Development of research/innovation policies". LTC has a good background of involvement in designing of country and regional strategy. It is active in information dissemination, workshop organisation, technology auditing and consulting on IPR issues. LTC hosts the European Programme EUREKA. Representatives of LTC participate in working groups for the preparation of different state level documents on innovation and SME policy. LTC has experience in collecting, systemizing and analysis of statistical data as well as performing studies on R&D issues.

LTC has been involved in a number of international projects, EC ETI "TRANSTRACC" project (2000-2001); PAXIS Network project PROPLUS (PROMOTOR+, 2003-2005) - development of methodology for the establishment of regional programmes to stimulate the creation of profitable start-ups in 5 newly associated countries (NAC) regions; Leonardo da Vinci pilot project "Inno-Support" (2003-2005) - learning system for the development & implementation of innovations in enterprises; IRE Network project "BASAN" (2002-2003); Coordinator and host organization of IRC Latvia. LTC is a member of the consortium and main executor of the RIS Latvia, 2002-2004.


Contact details

Aizkraukles str. 21, LV-1006 Riga, LATVIA

Tel.: (371) 7557919
Fax: (371) 7541218
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