Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos

Electrical Engineer, PhD. Applications and consulting on Smart/Intelligent Cities and Innovation Ecosystems at URENIO Research.

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  • ASHA


    I think no city mentioned could be classified as smart cities.
    The smart city solution for the unsustainable global urbanization is being held back by misunderstanding of what it really is and what the components and socio-economic benefits of a smart city actually are.
    For example, the concept of Smart City is widely misunderstood as based on networked technologies, information systems or business analytics, embracing transportation, healthcare, public security, etc.
    In all, a Smart City is generally viewed by academic and commercial worlds as a fragmented Smart Economy, Smart People, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, or Smart Living or as an assortment and a mixed bag of thereof (as the Smart City Wheel).
    Presently, there is strong appeal for setting a comprehensive conception, agenda, strategy, vision, and implementation plan for future cities, as well as legacy cities to be transformed into safe, green and more liveable urban areas.
    The fully sustainable community is to merge the Cyber/Digital, Natural/Ecological, and Social/Intelligent Spaces.
    Be it a large metropolitan area, municipal district, small township or local community, in truly sustainable communities, economic, social, political, cultural, technological and ecological issues are closely integrated and advanced.
    Having a social, inclusive city dimension, the Smart city concept is also addressing the crucial urban issues: waste management, water and sanitation management, poverty alleviation, pollution, traffic safety and housing redevelopments for the urban poor. For more go to:

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