Cyber Innovation Platforms

Digital spaces have opened a new strand in the thinking and practice of innovation. The fact that innovation processes can be carried out on digital space has led to the creation of numerous types of virtual innovation environments. An extremely rich literature focusing on the processes of innovation and their digital dimension has moved the interest on how these processes can be triggered on a virtual space and be used by the most distant organisation and user.

Over the last years URENIO has developed a number of web based platforms and online tools that support innovation management, collaborative innovation and different functions of technological innovation. More specifically, URENIO offers

  1. Cloud-based platforms with smart city solutions for the innovation economy, quality of life, city governance, city infrastructure and utilities. The available solutions focus on problems which are common in every urban space and therefore can be applied at a very large number of cases developing positive externalities in terms of strategic and architecture design cost. An example of such platform is the Intelligent City Software and Solutions Plaform-ICOS.
  2. Web-based platforms for policy design and implementation; platforms augmented with a set of coherent software services offering knowledge-based policy advice and supporting the different stages of strategy design (priorities setting, public consultation, governance, measurement etc.). An example of such platform is the Online Platform for Smart Specialisation-ONLINE S3.
  3. Open innovation learning platforms for technology transfer, inter-regional collaboration and new product creation. Example of such platforms is the INTERVALUE platform-Inter-regional cooperation for the valorization of R&D and the Open Innovation Learning Platform-INNOLAB.
  4. Online platforms for benchmarking in two areas: a) regional benchmarking of innovation and b) company benchmarking (i.e. comparative evaluation of technologies, production processes and products, compared to the leading organizations in the field).
  5. Platforms for collective intelligence and social innovation (e.g. CAPs, crowdfunding platforms).

Cyber Innovation Platforms


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