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Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
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The aim of the project is to support the exchange of experience between regional authorities and Technology Intermediaries in Europe.

The activities of VERITE are divided into the following categories:

  1. Personal contact activities (workshops, conferences etc.)
  2. Online discussion through a discussion group.
  3. Provision of directory services for SMEs and regional authorities.
  4. Diffusion of IMTs to SMEs

The core of the project is the discussion on the implementation of IMTs in the European regions. The thematic workshops will consider possible on-line applications of some selected IMTs.

Considering that the workshops are limited to few days' meetings, the network members will implement a web portal for IMT providers in Europe and an Internet based discussion group so as to facilitate exchange of thoughts, information and experiences through and after the project duration. The core group of discussion are 18 regions of Europe.

There are four activities where all the members of the IRE network will be invited. The workshop on IMTs, which is the first workshop of VERITE, the workshop on Benchmarking that aims to support a multi-regional database, the web portal for IMT providers and the VERITE database.



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