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Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
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Discussion Forum

URENIO Research Unit coordinates a discussion forum about implementation of Innovation Management Techniques and Technologies (IMTs) in Europe.

Considering that the main aim of VERITE is exchange of experience between regions and experts on IMTs, a discussion forum is a necessary tool for active communication. Potential issues discussed issues of discussion in the VERITE discussion forum could be the following:

  • Local conditions in IMTs implementation,
  • what are the difficulties met in such projects,
  • which are the perspectives and the chances met in each local market
  • where each company or authority could access information for such projects (authorities, consultants etc.).

Another aim of the discussion group is to support multinational applications in the selected techniques (Benchmarking, Enterprise Resource and Material Requirement Planning (ERP & MRP), Technology Transfer and Clinics, New Product Development, Supply Chain Management and Business Intelligence) through easy, fast and well-organised exchange of information between companies and Technology providers.

We have now start 5 open discussion sessions over the Internet into the Forum. We would propose the following themes and dates:

  • During April 03: Discussion on TECHNOLOGY TRASFER AND CLINICS
  • During May 03: Discussion on NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • During June 03: Discussion on BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE
  • During Sept 03: Discussion on BENCHMARKING

Each discussion session will start from a panel of 4-5 people and everyone may contribute/ participate. Please inform us if you wish to take part in any of the intial panels which will start the discussion.

VERITE network and URENIO Research unit is open to proposals for further relative discussion subjects in the discussion forum.

The discussion group is open to all users but the contribution to discussion requires a minimal online registration process.

We think that the experience of the participating regions will work as an information filter for the provision of selective useful technical information. Visit the VERITE discussion forum and do not hesitate to contact the forum administrator for any queries or difficlties met.


Visit the Discussion Forum

Visit the Discussion Forum


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