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Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
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Knowledge Base

GIB GmbH has developed and moderates a database for implementation, success stories and best practices related to Innovation Management Tools

The database aims to integrate and enrich the material presented in the VERITE conferences. The workshops will define milestones and propose specific ideas for joint actions. The communication between regions may stay alive and productive with the support of a tool for online communication where the conclusions and experiences could be accessible to the broad public for a longer time.

The aim of this database is to help regional authorities and local companies learn how each IMT thematic area is developed in their and the other participating regions considering local conditions, what are the difficulties met in such projects, which are the perspectives and the chances met in each local market and where each company or authority could access information for such projects (authorities, consultants etc.).

The database is open to the public. Even though there is a simple registration process for users wanting to enter material in it. In such case you can download a short simplified guide for entering material in the database here

You may visit the database and we would be happy to receive your comments or ideas.


Visit the Knowledge Base

Visit the Knowledge Base


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