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Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
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VERITE (Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies) is a trans-regional network for the diffusion of Innovation Management Technologies (IMTs).

In the network are involved universities, technology intermediary organizations and regional authorities from 13 different EU countries (many of them have implemented RIS/RITTS projects) as well as 5 Newly Associated countries. The main concept is to serve communication between regions in the area of IMTs. The network will concentrate on the IMTs, which could be better implemented with online interaction/cooperation between the partners. The project includes a general workshop on IMTs and four thematic workshops.

It also includes the development of a web-based portal for IMT providers. The virtual IMT applications will enhance the workshops and continue through the project on an Internet based discussion group.


VERITE aims to inform regional authorities involved in RIS-RITTS initiatives on Innovation Management Tools (techniques, methods, and technologies), which may enhance the capability of regional actors to develop and apply innovations.

More specific objectives are:

  • To diffuse Innovation Management Techniques (IMTs) in regional authorities, SMEs and technology providers in EU and Newly Associated Countries.
  • To help SMEs and regional authorities reach international expertise concerning IMTs implementation problems.
  • To develop digital applications and virtual spaces for the diffusion of IMTs.
  • To encourage exchange of experience between regions that implemented RIS/RITTS projects, Newly Associated Countries and international experts about the management of innovation.
  • To stimulate the implementation of schemes and policies on the level of the region-members which supposr/enhance the application of IMTs.

Expected Achievements:

  • To discuss the application of IMTs in Europe and concentrate on the possibilities of online diffusion and application for some major IMTs (Benchmarking, Supply Chain Management, MRP, Technology Clinics) in five (5) workshops.
  • To provide a web based portal of European IMTs providers.
  • To organise and keep an Internet based discussion group about the application and evaluation of IMTs in Europe.
  • To develop a database on IMTs information supported by the regions and the institutions involved in the project.
  • A number of schemes and policies on the level of the region-members implemented which support/enhance the application of IMTs