A virtual community on regional intelligence

The proposed project follows various objectives in the framework of improving competitiveness and innovation of industrial clusters and SMEs through Information mastering and networking at an European level by:

  1. Rising awareness in industrial clusters
  2. Identifying the strategic information needs of SMEs in different selected industrial sectors
  3. Benchmarking existing methods and tools from the Economic intelligence framework
  4. Producing a methodological guide book on the different software applications for collection, analysis, sorting out and diffusion of information implementable by clusters and SMEs;
  5. Facilitating the investment in the different regions in different adapted tools
  6. Favouring the creation of business co-operation activities within the SMEs and clusters

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Project's Results

  • knowledge of need for strategic intelligence in the sectors, clusters and areas; a clearer vision of the future paving the way for "collective foresight"
  • participation of less-favoured areas in sharing leading-edge methodologies and tools at European level
  • access to "collective strategic intelligence" through knowledge-sharing available for: businesses, business organisations, universities and R&D institutions, local development agencies, etc.

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