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The Regional Council of Lorraine is a French regional institution, which fields of competence, besides agriculture, environment, culture and tourism, are:

  • Town planning and regional development
  • Education and training
  • Economy

Bordering three foreign countries, Lorraine has a long tradition of transborder cooperation and takes advantage of the transfer of good practices and exchange of experience by, on the one hand, supporting regional partners into cooperation projects (mainly in the INTERREG IIIA transregional cooperation strand) and, on the other hand, by its direct involvement in cooperation projects.


Besides STRATINC, the Regional Council of Lorraine is actively involved in other interregional cooperation projects witin the INTERREG IIIC programme: E-Based Interregional Development (e-Bird), Industrial Change Network (ICN), STIMulating new ways of ENTrepreneurship (STIMENT) and Network of European Automotive Competences (NEAC). The Achievements of the Lisbon and Gothenburg Objectives (ALSO) project comes within the INTERACT programme and is aimed at improving the governance of INTERREG projects by developing common methods, tools and databases to assess their impact.

Having achieved a RTP exercise in the mid 1990's, Lorraine supports the Lublin Region into the process of building its Regional innovation strategy through the RIS-Lubelskie project under the FP6 programme. Lorraine also leads the SUPER-SME project designed to contribute to a quantifiable increase in the R&D regional expenditure by promoting an improve integration of public and private research capacities through evaluating, rationalising and strengthening the know-how of regional systems of science and technology intermediaries

Moreover, Lorraine actively participates in the European thematic networks Erik (European Regions based Innovation Network), Ianis+ (Innovative Actions Network for the Information Society) and IRE (Innovative Regions in Europe Network).

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