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Instituto de Fomento de la Region de Murcia (INFO) is the Regional Development Agency of the Region of Murcia (Spain). It was established in 1986. INFO is the regional institution responsible for the coordination of essential aspects for the economic development of the Region of Murcia, such as regional economic planning, technical and financial assistance to SME, setting up of technological infrastructures and Business Innovation Centres, international promotion of regional enterprises and foreign investment attraction into the Region of Murcia.

INFO was the first regional institution in Europe selected by the European Commission (EC) for implementing the financial mechanism named "Global Grant" of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in 1989. Since then, INFO has been responsible for the implementation of that financial instrument in the periods 1990-1993 (31 Meuros budget) and 1994-1999 (94.9 Meuros budget). Currently INFO is managing the period 2000-2006, with a 100.7 Meuro budget.

The leading role of INFO in the field of economic development of the Region of Murcia has contributed to a substantive growth of our economy in the last ten years, and to a real convergence with the rest of EU regions. Specially, the success in terms of foreign investments attraction has been relevant.

INFO is today the main public actor in the Region of Murcia on fostering competitiviness in its local companies. Its main fields of activity are:

  • Promotion innnovation and technology development in companies through the provision as public financing and services. Furthermore INFO is also the main promoter of the network of the seven technology centers of the region of Murcia (Shoes & Plastic, Canned Foods, Metalmechanics, Environment, Marble & Natural Stone, Furniture and Artisans).
  • INFO is also a leading actor on the establishment of bussines incubators (BICs) and the Technology Park of the Region of Murcia.
  • Promotion of Industrial Parks, Transport and Logistic Centers.
  • Access to new markets through the Reginal Plan of International Trade (2000 - 2006).


Consolidation of the Region of Murcia in an economy based on knowledge and technological innovation (Cecotec-Murcia)
European Union - Innovative Actions under the ERDF 2002-2003
4.1 M €

CRESCENDO: Financing Innovation in the Regions (2002-2003)
European Union and CEE countries - V Framework Programme R & TD, Innovation

Technical Assistance fro SME Counselling and Training in Slovak Rep. (2002)
European Union - Phare Programme (111814/D/SV/Sk)

PARTNER: Profit for All Regions Through Networking of European Regions (2002-2003)
European Union and CEE countries - V Framework Programme R & TD, Innovation

Inrregional co-operation aimed at enhancing the rural development through access to the Information and Communication Technologies (1999-2001)
Spain - Community Initiative INTERREG II C
158.000 €

Innovation Relay Centre CENEMES (1997- to date)
Spain - Innovation Programme
195.000 € / year


The Region of Murcia is located in the south-eastern quadrant of the Iberian Peninsula, with a total surface area of 11,317 Km2. The population density is 98.53 inhabitants per Km2, above the national average (76.82).

Regional Gross Product has increased in recent years above the national average, a rate that is expected to be repeated in the next few years. The percentage breakdown of the Murcian economy is characterised by the important predominance of the services sector, which accounts for 62% of the total, followed by industry (21%), construction (9%) and lastly agriculture (8%), which is double the national figure. In this sense, it is worth highlighting that Murcia has a very advanced and modernised farming industry, with important investments both in technology and applied research and development, hence its more common definition of "agroindustry".

Furthermore, the Region is developing a new industrial reality, building important clusters: chemical industry, plastics, metallurgy-mechanics, textiles and fashions, footwear and leather, wood and furniture, paper and graphic arts and a very important agrifood industry: canned foods, wines, juices, baby's food, and meat.

The main strengths of the Region from the competitive standpoint are as follows:

  • The ideal combination of climate and soil, together with expert knowledge of farming techniques, provide the agrifood industry with competitive advantages, and make it one of the most important promoters of economical development in the Region, with the largest number of related sectors.
  • The business organisation has strengths derived from the greater flexibility offered by the small size of companies, providing it with greater capacity to adapt to changes.
  • Important opening to international markets due to the strong exporting vocation of the Murcian economy.
  • Young age of the Murcian population, enabling it to offer important human capital with adequate levels of training.
  • Productive machinery with special protagonism of endogenous and traditional activities in which technological renovation and the innovation of processes and products can help these to occupy a leading role of the development of the Region.

The main imbalances and bottlenecks that hinder the development of the Region include, most notably, the following:

  • The high level of fragmentation of sectors in the Region which prevents companies from reaching a sufficient critical mass in order to foster business practices that would enable them to become more competitive.
  • The lack of qualified and trained company directors and workers may cause imbalances in the labour market and hinder the competitiveness of companies in the Region.
  • Investments made until now in the basic regional infrastructures have not boosted economic activity in specific districts and may eventually prove to be an obstacle to the development of the Region.
  • The low level of investment in R&D and in the obtaining of technological know-how may prompt greater technological obsolescence of the Murcian industry, increase its dependence on the outside and prevent it from achieving the necessary degree of competitiveness.

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