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Since the constitution in 1993 of the association of municipalities: Mancomunidad of North Tenerife, this institution has been taking care to cover the existing needs in this zone of the island which by its nature escape from competences of each municipality. The association work promoting collective initiatives that in a autonomous way they would be very difficult to accomplish by each Town Hall.

We are an association with a clear idea: unite efforts to solve common problems and to reduce costs at the time of carrying out works and services of communal interest. It is indubitable that the foundation of this association has created solidarity bonds between towns. We try to reinforce them day-to-day and we work in order to obtain a sustainable progress for the north of the island of Tenerife.


Tenerife is situated about 300 kilometres from African continent and about 1.300 kilometres from the European continental area. The surface is 2.034 square kilometres and it is one of the bigest Canary Islands.

Tenerife is composed by thirty-one municipalities, nine of them are part of Mancomunidad of North Tenerife, which is situated in that part of the island. The localities which involves are: Buenavista del Norte, Garachico, El Tanque, Icod de los Vinos, Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz, Santa ?rsula, La Victoria and La Matanza de Acentejo. On the other hand the institution counts with the collaboration of six other localities from other part of the island.

The association of municipalities intervention area covers 337 square kilometres and 129.078 inhabitants.

The Tenerife Island has a tourist character. The good environmental conditions and the rich cultural array are sufficient reasons for a traditional tourism demand and also alternative. The natural means is very rich in endemic plants and autochthonous fauna. Protection constitutes an indispensable line to obtain a sustainable development.


Mancomunidad of North Tenerife have develop amond others the following activities and services: integral employment service, public employment training, collective statements and personnel management, musical services, cultural programs, employment workshops, youth integration into the labour market courses, technological servicies, iqual oportunity women centre, comunication departament and local development area.

Several programs are being or have being implemented for years from the part of Mancomunidad of North Tenerife, due to the positive results which have demonstrated their efficiency. In particular some of them are relationed with the main objetive of STRATINC project.

  • MUNDIEMPRESA RECITE II initiative which was focused on the exchange of ideas, methods and good practices into the wine and environmental sector of less-favoured regions of the European Union: Portugal, Italy, Greece and Tenerife (Canary Islands)
  • UNITEC. A project to share knowledge about implantation of new technologies in the small and medium sizes enterprises.
  • CENTRES FOR LEARNING AND TRAINING NEW TECHNOLOGIES: CAPI. These centres are focussed on the access to new technologies to all the citizens. Therefore a total of 15 centres CAPI have being created round the island.They using the best and most aproppriate equipment and software tools. Since its start three years ago, more than 20.000 citizens have participate in the project.

Other European Programs in which we are involved, are the Interreg III Initiatives that includes the following Programs:

  • AQUAMAC. It Intends to improve the quality of the water resources and to optimize the use of them in our island.
  • HIDROBUS. To promote the energy saving and its uses of renewable energies which could assure the availability of supplies of fuel in the transport sector.
  • CARVINMAC. To improve the knowledge about the production of traditional wine varieties and commercialization in the Atlantic Area.
  • AGRO. Project to guarantee the Cooperation and the valorisation of rural Areas. A program to promote the environment and the sustainable management of the economic activities and the natural resources.


This association of municipalities from the north of Tenerife is in expansion. We continue working in the planning of new goals and in the expanding of the supply of public services, which improve the quality of life of our people.

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