SUpporting Potential and Existing Research intensive SMEs.

The specific objectives expected to lead to this overall objective are as follows:

  1. Quantified increase in the level of contract research contracts between regionally based laboratories and scientific institutes and regional SMEs (2004 base year for target setting);
  2. Quantified increase in the participation of regional SMEs to nationally funded R&D programmes and to the EU RTD Framework Programme (2004 base year for target setting)
  3. Contribution to the implementation and updating of specific regional research, technological development and innovation policies. This contribution will take the form of detailed plans for specific measures to improve the effectiveness of S&T intermediation services;
  4. Transfer of at least one S&T intermediation methodology from each participating mentor' regions to one of the 'mentee' regions.

The operational objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Methodological guide to the appraisal of the role and function of regional S&T intermediaries;
  • Analytical mapping of the S&T intermediaries in each participating region;
  • Identification of good practice examples of S&T intermediation and development of case studies;
  • Blueprint guide to the funding and management of a regional network of S&T intermediaries;
  • EU-wide dissemination of results through a final conference and web-portal.

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