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The Regional Council of Lorraine, especially in the framework of the new French decentralisation law has the leadership on the economic development of its territory. Among other responsibilities, the Direction of Innovation and Technology Transfer is in charge of implementing the regional policy for clusters development. There are already existing clusters in the sectors of aerospace and metal mechanics and potential ones in wood industry and medical devices.

Decision structure:

The Direction of Innovation and Technology Transfer is part of the Mission for Economic Development to the Regional Council of Lorraine. The formal decisions are taken by the Regional Assembly (which gathers all the elected people) but day-to-day decisions belong to the General Manager of the Services.

Planned activities:

The new National policy creates Competitiveness Poles in some French regions (7 to 12 poles) and Lorraine is the region to be selected for hosting a competitiveness pole on new materials. Lorraine is ranking third region in the world as far as metal works are concerned and this pole would count 1,300 public researchers and 500 private ones. The final decision depends on the State decision but this project is supported by CRNS (French National Research Centre), CEA (French National research Centre on Nuclear Energy) and INRIA (French National Institute on computing science).

Experience with EU project:

Lorraine is a French leading Region as far as the experience in European dimension of its Innovation and technology transfer policy is concerned. The main examples of its involvement are as follow:

  • RTP exercise (prior to the RIS/RITTS) in the middle of the '90s;
  • CETISME 2001-2003 (Competitive intelligence for SME), partner DG Research;
  • Member of the VERITE thematic network (Innovation management techniques) and of the BIGEAR thematic network (technology transfer) - 2001-2003;
  • STRATINC 2003-2006 (Stratinc intelligence and innovative clusters building), leader - DG Regio;
  • Member of the IRE network (member of the Steering committee);
  • Member of the ICN network (Industrial change network), 2003-2006 (INTERREG) - co-leader of the Innovation section;
  • Member of the STIMENT INTERREG Project, 2003-2006 (Stimulation of entrepreneurship), leader of the Strategic intelligence section;
  • Member 2001-2002 of the High level expert group on Regional technology foresight - DG Research;
  • Regional programme for innovative actions, 2002-2004, 2 strands ICT and Strategic intelligence;
  • Partner to the INTERREG IIIC NEAC project (Network of European Automotive Competences) - DG Regio;
  • Coordinator of the South-West zone for the INTERACT ALSO project (Achievements of the Lisbon and Gothenburg Strategy objectives by the INTERREG project).
The Direction of Innovation has been invited to speak in 24 European events in 2004.

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