TÜBITAK-Adana University-Industry Joint Research Centre (Adana-USAM)

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TÜBITAK-Adana University-Industry Joint Research Centre (Adana-USAM) was established in 2000 by joint efforts of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK), local industries and Cukurova University under the 'University-Industry Joint Research Programme (USAMP)' of the Technology Monitoring and Assessment Directorate of TÜBITAK (TÜBITAK-TIDEB).

The centre is located at the campus of Cukurova University . Adana-USAM is one of the first three joint research centres founded under the USAMP those are widely regarded as the success stories in facilitating establishment of other centres in Turkey as important means for university-industry co-operation. Establishment studies of the centre started in 1996 with the leadership of the high level regional authorities from the private and public sectors, academia and NGOs.

The main objective of the centre is to promote closer interaction between the university and industry sectors and contribute development of the region through RTDI. 65 percent of its annual income is generated from the activities of the centre (of which 32 percent from R&D projects), 14 percent from the contributions of TÜBITAK and member industrialists, and the rest from various other activities. Cukurova University provides in-kind contribution by allocating its laboratories and research equipment available in different departments.


Adana-USAM has been implementing two projects under the 'Active Workforce Programmes' of the European Union since December 2004.

The first project (Spirulina Production and Marketing Training) aims to help educated unemployed people in starting up their businesses while the second one (Training Programme for Raising Technicians in Automotive Sector) foresees creation of high quality human resources needed by the automotive and automotive spare parts industries in the region. Cukurova University and TEMSA A.S., one of the largest automotive manufacturers of Turkey located in the region, are collaborated under the second project.

The centre recently started a Mobility Project funded through EC Leonardo Programme. Under the project, research units providing services to SMEs in the European countries will be examined from the perspective of their approaches for stimulating RTDI in SMEs, and providing vocational training and services. The centre co-operates with University of Coventry Enterprise, CUE, in England in the project.

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