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EWE is a Romanian based research and consulting company with an extensive experience within the European Commission financed projects. EWE focuses its services in the field or innovation policy, regional development and energy&environment.

EWE also represents the Cluj County to the UE and provides advice concerning the programming of the structural funds. Moreover, EWE is developing a partnership with the Faculty of Economics from Cluj ( "Babes-Bolyai University).

Currently EWE is involved in the Strategic Evaluation on Innovation and Knowledge Based Economy in relation to the Structural and Cohesion Funds for the Programming Period 2007-2013. In addition to this, EWE is about to establish a solar energy cluster in Cluj.


The Cluj County is located in the Central-Western part of the country, at the heart of the historical province of Transylvania. It has an area of 6,674 km2 and a population of 703 269 inhabitants ( 67 % living in urban areas). The administrative capital of the county is CLUJ-NAPOCA, main town of Transylvania that was established as municipality 2 000 years ago. Industrial and commercial centre, Cluj Napoca is also one of the most important university centers of the Central Europe with many centuries tradition.

The Cluj County is one of the most developed and most balanced areas of Romania. Its economic potential is given by its local resources, tradition and experience in the majority of the activity sectors, but also by its leading trade position in Transylvania, due to its favourable geographic location at the crossroads of important commercial routes that tie Central Europe to the Balkans.

Cluj County has more then 50 000 students in about 43 public and 15 private faculties.

Regional SWOT Analysis:

PartnerStatus and role in regionSpecific experience relevant to project
EWE ( Cluj County Council)County Councils responsible for economic development Co-operation with Regional Development Agencies responsible for managing region wide programmesCo-operation in framework of development of regional innovation strategy; Initial efforts to develop county level actions to maximum impact of research base for SMEs.

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