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Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS) is an independent non-profit research and development centre established in Tartu, Estonia. It was founded in 1996 in order to promote Baltic studies using new opportunities offered by information and communication technologies. In the first years the Institute focused on different themes related to development of information society in the region. Several research and development projects were carried out ranging from law to life long learning. Since then the focus has gradually moved towards development and policy oriented research activities with the objective to contribute to the increase of knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Estonia in particular and Baltic Sea region in general. Institute's mission statement stipulates that in addition to theoretical knowledge it must seek to provide practical inputs for various public and private initiatives. Connecting theory with practice is thus the underlying motto of the Institute.

Over the years IBS has implemented tens of different projects together with government, academic, business and NGO type of organisations from all around the world. Formal partnership agreements have been concluded with the University of Tartu in Estonia, Latvian University in Latvia, Kaunas Technological University in Lithuania and Uppsala University in Sweden. IBS regional partner network extends to more than 100 organisations.

IBS main fields of competence include science, technology and innovation policy, industrial and economic policy, information society, foresight, regional development, cross-cultural communication, etc.

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