Fundación para el Desarrollo y la Innovaciòn Tecnologica (FUNDITEC)


Fundación para el Desarrollo y la Innovaciòn Tecnologica - Foundation for Development and Technological Innovation (FUNDITEC) is a Spanish non profit organization located in Terrassa, Barcelona (region of Catalonia, SPAIN), working in Innovation and R&D management.

FUNDITEC plays an interface role between R&D and innovation developers (Universities, Research Centres, Technological Centres…), public institutions and private groups and enterprises in order to promote the development and enhancement of R&D and innovation activities.

The main fields of activity of FUNDITEC are the following:

  • Innovation,
  • R&D design/management/coordination/dissemination,
  • Promotion of innovation in enterprises and sectors,
  • Innovation and R&D policies,
  • Technology transfer among Universities/Research Centres/Technological Centres and enterprises,
  • Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence,
  • Prospective/Foresight (specially scientific, technological and industrial foresight),
  • Scientific-Technological and Industrial diversification and improvement processes,
  • Technical and Technological audit, Benchmarking,
  • and Knowledge management.

The team of FUNDITEC is composed by qualified professionals (PhDs, researchers, industrial and technical engineers, economists…), with a large experience in Innovation programmes in both public and private ambits. In which concerns with the private sector, FUNDITEC achieves a strong background of collaboration with enterprises and associations of enterprises of different sectors, in a wide variety of ambits related with Innovation. Due to the interface role played by FUNDITEC, our organization has built up strong links with the different public local and regional authorities and with most of the main stakeholders related with innovation at the regional and national level.

Among the public authorities, FUNDITEC collaborates closely with CIDEM (Centre de Innovaci? I Desenvolupament Empresarial - Centre for Innovation and Business Development), in the development and support of several initiatives related with the promotion of Innovation, the technology transfer and the business development mostly at a regional level.

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Contact details

Mare de Deu dels Angels, 195
08221 Terrassa (Barcelona)

Eri Vazquez Munoz, MSc
Tel.: +34 93 7333 63 58
Fax: +34 902 930180
[email protected]
or [email protected]