Centre for Science, Technology, Society Studies at the Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic


The Centre conducts systematic interdisciplinary research into mutual relationships of science, technology, and society. Research is based on the broad theoretical background of philosophy, economy, and sociology (of science and technology), innovation studies, science policy studies, and technology assessment.

At present, research is focused on several fundamental thematic areas. The changes in the current forms of knowledge production are followed in the form of theoretical analysis. Those changes comprises higher rate of social accountability of knowledge, more emphasis on its economic application, increasing heterogeneity of its resources, the problem of evaluation, more stress on social and cultural values applied in research programmes. The emerging knowledge society is being analysed from the viewpoint of transformation of science and research.

Both theoretical and practical issues are analysed in the fields of science policy, innovation policy, research evaluation, technology assessment. The key following problems are under investigation: research as source of innovations, integration of research into national innovation system, integration of national innovation system into international one, new ways of bridging the gap between academe and industry in knowledge society.

The Centre deals also with more practically oriented problems namely in the area of innovation studies. It has conducted several empirical surveys focused of the R&D institutions and enterprises at the regional innovation level (e.g.htp:// http://www.csi.ensmp.fr/csi/4S/search/search_P/search_P.php). Also some case studies analysing the innovative situation in Czech industry were completed. The Centre is involved into elaborating benchmark of the Czech R&D institutions - namely through the participation in RECORD network.


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