SUPER-SME Partners


In constructing the project partnership, the aim has been to create a partnership which responds to the three objectives set by the RK2 and notably which includes a strong element of mentoring of less-favoured EU25 (new member states, NMS) or candidate country regions. The partnership is built around three regions with a long history of developing and designing research and/or innovation policies. At a first level, the project will seek to facilitate an exchange of experience and co-development of new methods for appraising and managing regional systems of S&T intermediation between the three "mentor" regions. At a second level, the project will seek to transfer the know-how of the mentor regions towards four mentee regions from the 10 new Member States and/or candidate countries.

The SUPER-SME project is led by the Regional Council of Lorraine, department of technology and innovation. Since the mid-nineties and the development of one of the first 'Regional Technology Plans' (precursor of RIS-RITTS) in Europe, the Lorraine Region has gained extensive experience of developing and designing regional innovation policy, funding and managing regional networks of intermediaries. It has also been significantly involved in developing regional technology foresight and strategic intelligence platforms as a tool, including in a number of previous inter-regional projects.

The partners are either regional authorities responsible for economic development and SME support (e.g. Cluj and Huendoara, Lorraine region) or specialised organisations, research units or foundations playing a significant role in supporting regional research and innovation policy in their respective territories. The table below provides a summary of the more detailed information on each partner which can be found on the following pages, and highlights examples of the specific experience they bring to the project.

Partner Status and role in regionSpecific experience relevant to project
Conseil Règional de LorraineRegional Council, largely responsible for innovation and technology policy at regional level in partnership with national authorities in field of R&D. Input to planning research investments through periodic joint plan with national authorities.Co-ordination of Technology diffusion network and creation of 3i Lorraine; DECILOR: strategic intelligence platform for key regional sectors; Significant involvement and prior experience of managing inter-regional co-operation networks in field of RTDI.
TÜBITAK Adana Universite Sanayi Ortak Arastirma MerkeziJoint University-Industry Research centre established by with support of national and regional partners First implementing body for TÜBITAK technology management programme - aimed at helping SMEs to
Huendoara and Cluj Counties (represented by EWE) County Councils responsible for economic development Co-operation with Regional Development Agencies responsible for managing region wide programmes Co-operation in framework of development of regional innovation strategy; Initial efforts to develop county level actions to maximum impact of research base for SMEs.
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - URENIO Research unit Project management of major regional research and innovation actions behalf of regional authorities. Wide experience in the development and design of regional research and innovation policies and projects - including at inter-regional level Notably in fields of technology watch, innovation management, etc.
Institute of Baltic Studies Non-profit organisation recognised by Ministry of Education and Research and city of Tartu as programme manager Active in technology foresight, support to regional partnerships, etc. Working closely with Tartu Science Park and other intermediaries.
Fundación per el Desenvolupament i la Innovaciò Tecnològica Non-profit organisation playing interface role between R&D based and private enterprises Close co-operation with CIDEM (regional agency for innovation) Strong experience in R&D design, management and dissemination Technology watch and strategic intelligence, foresight, etc.
SSTSCZ Prague Centre of Academy of Sciences recognised by Czech Government and city authorities as expertise centre. Theoretical and practical research into science policy, research evaluation, benchmarking RTD organisations, corporate demand for R&D. Prior participation in EU projects.