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Conference on Business Intelligence

LEIA CDT has organized a workshop about Business Intelligence in Vitoria, Basque Country on 16-17 October 2003.

This conference scope was to help people understand the potentials of Business Intelligence for the organizations and how to take business intelligence initiatives one step further.

The conference included four plenary sessions with 13 papers presented. This site provides the presentations both in the normal Powerpoint format (PowerPoint Presentation sign) and in web powerpoint (PowerPoint Presentation sign). We suggest users with slow but constant connection to select the second option. It downloads the presentation slider per slide). The papers presented (followed with and the information provided to the audience) were the following (note: there are a few presentations missing, as well as the papers presented which will appear in the site very soon):

Session A: Management and Organization of the Business Intelligence Practice

Session B: Information Technologies in the service of the Business Intelligence

  • "Innovation Engineering for the Support of Commercial / Scientific Discovery" by Mr.Don Allen, Pira E-Media, Web Site Producer & Consultant
  • "New Policy Framework for Real Knowledge-Based Economies in the global village: From Innovation to Creativity - From a single model to some open civilisations 'ones." by Mrs. Marie-Paule Verlaeten. Centre International des Savoirs, Belgium
  • "Implantantion of Business Intelligence systems in SMEs" by Dr. Gorka Izquierdo, project manager. IALE Tecnologia, Spain
    PowerPoint PresentationPresentation (PowerPoint) (72KB)    web formatweb format
  • "An example of regional policy for strategic intelligence development. DECILOR. Decision making in Lorraine" by Pierre Bourgogne . Lorraine Conseil Régional, France PowerPoint PresentationPresentation (PowerPoint) (135KB)    web formatweb format

Session C: State of the Technology Watch in Spain

Session D: BI and policies