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Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
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Conference on IMTs and New Product Development

The Province of Mantova (Department of Economic and Social Development Area) hosted a conference on "IMTs and New Product Development" which took place in Mantova-Italy on 17-18 October 2002.
The aim of the conference was to discuss the fundamental processes and models of new product development and the applications, tools and ICTs that may facilitate the creation, design, and manufacturing of new products. The conference concentrated also on the role of regional environment, small innovative companies, strategic alliances and regional networks in the creation and marketing of new products. The conference included four plenary sessions and 15 papers presented by experts working in the field of innovation, new product development and ICTs. The papers presented (followed with and the information provided to the audience) were the following:
Welcome address

  • Maurizio Fontanili, President of the Province of Mantova
  • Carlo Orlandini, Councillor for the Business Activities, Province of Mantova
  • Albino Portini, Vice Mayor Municipality of Mantova
  • Prof. Nicos Komninos, URENIO Research Unit, Thessaloniki, Greece

Session 1: Regions and new product development

  • "New Product innovation and development on local territory: the role of new technologies" by Gialuca Momoli, external Consultant of the Province of Mantova and Head of the Society ASI (Azienda Servizi informativi), Italy
    PowerPoint PresentationPresentation (PowerPoint) (337KB)
  • "New Product Development in the Automotive Supply Chain: challenges for SMEs and regional support frameworks" by Martin Rhisiart, Observatory of Innovation and Business Development, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK
    PowerPoint PresentationPresentation (PowerPoint) (135KB)
  • "Local industrial districts and new tecnologies", by Olga Formigoni, Resposible for the Production Activites - Province of Mantova, Italy
    PowerPoint PresentationPresentation (342KB)    Microsoft Word documentPaper overview (30 Kb) (in italian only)   
  • "New Product Development Strategy as Catalyst for Regional Welfare Formulation & Implementation The case of Thessaly" by Vangelis Katsaros, Chemical Engineer, PhD Candidate University of Thessaly, Greece
    PowerPoint PresentationPresentation (PowerPoint) (125KB)

Session 2: New product development tools

Session 3: Generation of ideas for NPD

  • "Generation of Ideas for New Product Development" by Cynthia Morgan, BIC Eryri, Wales, UK
    Microsoft Word documentPaper overview (37 Kb)
  • "Triz and inverse Triz: methodologies for design and technology transfer." by Vincent BOLY, Ecole Superieure en Genie des systemes industriels of Nancy, France
  • "The holistic view of the front end of innovation", by Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Lars Deppe, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Stefan Kohn, Dr.-Ing. Francesca Paoletti und Dr. Andreas Levermann
    Adobe Acrobat filePaper (Acrobat) (35KB)

Session 4: Virtual environments for NPD

  • "LinEx project", by Elias Lopez, "e-Extremadura", Regional authority of Extremandura, Spain
    PowerPoint PresentationPresentation (PowerPoint) (407KB)
  • "The Innovation BOOSTER project", by Mauro Paolini, UCM, Italy

  • "EPINETTE, virtual platform of help to the technological development to the service of the small and medium enterprises in the fields of wood industry" by Veronique DONEL, CRITT Bois, France
    Adobe Acrobat file (10 KB)presentation material