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Thematic network: Virtual Environment for Innovation Management Technologies
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Conference on IMTs and New Product Development

Call for Papers

The Provincia di Mantova and the Research Unit URENIO have the pleasure to invite speakers for the Conference of the European Thematic Network VERITE on Innovation Management Techniques and New Product Development. The conference will take place on 17 and 18 October 2002 in Mantova, Italy.

The aim of the conference is to discuss the fundamental processes and models of new product development and the applications, tools and ICTs that may facilitate the creation, design, and manufacturing of new products. The conference will concentrate also on the role of regional environment, small innovative companies, strategic alliances and regional networks in the creation and marketing of new products. The conference will include four plenary sessions and about 20 papers will be presented by experts working in the field of innovation, new product development and ICTs.

The main themes of the conference, on which the papers will focus, are:

Session 1: Regions and new product development
Focus of this session is the regional determinants of NPD and the contribution of regional environment in the creation or renewal of products. The papers should discuss issues related to (1) the contribution of regions to NPD, (2) the role of the company external environment to NPD, (3) the contribution of regional and international networks, (4) the processes of product innovation in the industrial districts, (5) the setting of the supply chain and outsourcing for NPD.
Session 2: Generation of ideas for NPD
Starting point in new product development is the generation of ideas some of which may lead to new applications for the satisfaction of existing of anticipated social needs. This session should look at the main sources of ideas for new product development, such as the Internet, patent databases, R&D results, suggestions by customers, etc., and discuss how it would be possible to exploit and use creatively information provided by such sources. Here the focus is on the systematic approaches and tools allowing for the development of technology watch, data mining, market intelligence, creativity, and the management of intellectual property rights as well.
Session 3: New product development tools
Initial ideas for new product development need a great deal of elaboration and tooling in order to take their final form. Various methodologies may contribute to new product elaboration such as modeling and CAD, virtual prototyping, rapid prototyping, product evaluation, etc. On the other hand, existing products need constant modification and renewal, in which important role play methodologies for the management of the product life cycle and the strategies for product replacement or cannibalization.
Session 4: Virtual environments for NPD
Information and communication technologies and appropriate software may improve significantly the ability of companies and technology centers to create and manufacture new products. A priority for the conference is to present representative cases of virtual product innovation, including digital roadmaps, digital research centers, and applications allowing sharing scientific knowledge and expertise along telematics and virtual networks.

If you feel that the above themes are at the centre of your preoccupation and wish to present a paper in this conference, please contact us or submit a one-page summary of your paper by 10 September 2002 to:

Provincia di Mantova,
Servizio Europa e Internazionalizzazione

Mrs. Barbara Soncini
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Urenio Research Unit
(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Mr. Dimitris Milossis
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