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Conference on Supply Chain Management

CMI UK organised a conference on Supply Chain Management: The conference took place in Cardiff City Hall at 20-21 February 2002. The conference is an opportunity for participants to: examine emerging trends in supply chain management, and learn how these are likely to affect regional economies. The focus was on how SMEs and regional policy makers will need to respond to the challenges that changes will bring.
Through a mix of presentations and interactive sessions participants had the chance to:

  1. Gain an insight into how supply chains are likely to develop in the future
  2. Examine the likely impact of these changes upon SMEs and regional economies
  3. Examine how regional development agencies and intermediaries may best respond to these changes
  4. Meet like-minded managers and policy makers from across Europe

The conference included four plenary sessions with 17 papers presented. The papers presented (followed with and the information provided to the audience) were the following:

Session A: Supply Chains and the Objectives of Regional Policy

Session B: The Changing Role of Supplier Development Strategies

  • The Opto-Electronics Cluster in North Wales, by Dave Rimmer, Chairman, Welsh Opto-electronics Forum, and Managing Director of OPTIC Technium
  • Supply Chain Optimization in a Traditional Industry: Parsytec, A European Software Company Crossing the Chasm by Anno Jordan , Managing Director, Parsytec Logistics and B2B Services GmbH
  • Supply Chain Mapping of the Automotive Sector: Case study of Leverantorsnat (Supplier Network Sodermanland/ Vastmanland) by Hans Rainer, County of Sodermanland, Sweden
    Presentation PowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint (1,46 MB)    PowerPoint Presentation (zipped)Winzip (1,11MB)

Session C: Improving Supply Chain Performance: Examples of Specific Tools

Workshop 1 - Logistics

Workshop 2 - e-Commerce

Workshop 3 - New Product Development

Workshop 4 - Sustainable development

Session D: Responding to Opportunities and Threats from Globalisation

Session E: On-Line Tools for Supporting Supply Chains

  • What on-line tools for supporting supply chains exist?
  • What makes for a successful tool?
  • Activities