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Conference on Technology Clinics

TEKES hosted a conference on Technology Transfer and Technology Clinics at 8-9 May 2003.

The aim of the conference was to examine the methods and policies used in Technology Transfer in Europe and in Finland. The focus was on how SMEs can get the latest know-how and technology from universities, research centres, high tech companies, and technology intermediary organisations.

TEKES was selected to organise the conference do to the development of a Technology Clinics service in the last years and is considered to be one of the best institutes in the development of the technique.

Finish experts analysed the clinics variations and applications and in the second day the network members discussed on possible joint actions.

The main themes of the conference, on which the papers were focused, were:

  • Technology transfer methodologies applied in European regions: Concepts, projects, results.
  • The technology clinic concept: applications in Finland.
  • The role of technology provider: co-ordinator or matchmaker between technology developer and SME.
  • The future of technology transfer: Trend and new concepts.

The conference included four plenary sessions with 17 papers presented. The papers presented were the following This site provides the presentations both in the normal Powerpoint format (PowerPoint Presentation sign) and in web powerpoint (PowerPoint Presentation sign). We suggest users with slow but constant connection to select the second option. It downloads the presentation slider per slide):

Session 1: Technology Clinics In Finland

Session2: Technology Clinic's Service Provider's Case

Session 3: Technology Clinic's SME Customer Case

Session 4: Technology Transfer in EU Region