Project's Outputs

The project's expected outputs are the following:

  • Regional futures toolkit, based on the Innovative Actions Programmes(LP & P7)and other projects carried out by the partners-exchanging partner knowledge and experience. The toolkit will include the futures tools used by the partners and implemented as part of Foresight exercises. The toolkit will include guidance on which tools and type of approach may be appropriate according to regional objectives, resources and priorities.
  • Regional baselines and benchmarks. Using standard indicators, the regions' positions and future progress will be described.
  • 2 inter-regional futures workshops with 30 Futures Champions selected from the respective regional authorities and stakeholders.
  • 14 applications of the Futures toolkit. The partners,together with their regional authorities,will define the key sustainable development challenges to be addressed by the futures toolkit within the project. Knowledge and expertise will be shared across regions and within regions (with regional authorities) to tackle common challenges.
  • Inter-regional website, which will feature the guide and 'how to' sections for regional policy-makers.
  • On-going and ex-post evaluation reports will capture the progress and achievements across a range of project activities.
  • Conference, with 100 participants (especially targeting regional authorities) from across the EU.


  • Inter-regional network of experts and policy makers representing key regional authorities and regional bodies.
  • Intra-regional networks of experts and regional authorities; that will sustain the futures approaches.


  • Mainstreaming of Futures approach into regional policy-making, including Structural Funds.
  • Improvement in strategic policy-making within the regions through the adaptation of new futures methods.