Project's Activities - Futures Workshops

1st Workshop - Turku, Finland, 7 June 2006

FUTURREG (Futures for Regional Development) is designed to promote the use of futures thinking and tools in regional development. The workshop provides participants with an overview of key futures concepts and methods.

The workshop is being hosted by the Finland Futures Research Centre, one of the FUTURREG Project Partners.

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  • To introduce futures and Foresight principles to regional development actors
  • To identify challenges and barriers in using futures tools
  • To present the regional futures toolkit - as a way in which regional development issues can be addressed through futures tools
  • To inform and guide participants in the use of specific futures tools
  • To assist regional development actors in the process of engaging with futures experts
  • To facilitate inter-regional networking of regional development actors

Profile of workshop participants

Regional development is broadly defined and participants will vary in terms of professional background, covering areas such as economic development, rural development and innovation. No specific prior knowledge of futures is assumed although some participants may be familiar with certain workshop themes. The workshop will bring together representatives from the 7 partner regions.

Download the list of participants (PDF format)

Benefits of attending the workshop

  • An insight into key trends for regions
  • Draw on broad, European pool of knowledge in the field
  • Share experiences with regional development professionals from across the EU
  • Assistance in applying futures approach in participants' own organisations

Format and style

Plenary session: this will consist of a number of 'scene-setting' presentations, focusing on key concepts in the futures field

Parallel sessions will focus on specific tools or methods used by organisations in decision-making, policy development etc.

The workshop is designed to be as open and interactive as possible. Participants are encouraged to contribute their perspectives on the issues that are discussed during the sessions.

Link with other FUTURREG activities

The FUTURREG partners are supporting organisations within their regions in the application of futures tools. Many participants in this first futures workshop will already have decided to use FUTURREG as a way of addressing particular priorities - such as the development of a new policy -using futures tools. The workshop will provide a good foundation of knowledge in proceeding with those applications.

A second workshop will be held later in the year (probably in September 2006). It is anticipated that much of the programme for the second workshop will be shaped by the needs of the regional development organisations undertaking those practical applications. The format and content of the second workshop will be discussed towards the end of the first workshop in Turku.