Project's Activities - Futures Workshops

2nd Workshop - Liége, Wallonia (Belgium), 11 October 2006

FUTURREG (Futures for Regional Development) is designed to promote the use of futures thinking and tools in regional development. The second workshop provides to the participants with an overview of the upcoming FUTURREG applications.

The workshop is being hosted by the Destrée Institute, one of the FUTURREG Project's Partners.

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Regional panel : Regional Foresight in Wallonia

Presentations of the FUTURREG applications

Follow-ups - Conclusions

  • Summary of Conclusions of Round Table Part 2
    Chairperson: Jennifer Cassingena-Harper of the MCST in Malta, Rapporteur: Patrick Crehan of CKA in Brussels
    PDF Document, 3 pages 185KB
  • Follow-up
    Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, Stuttgart
    PDF Document, 4 pages 183KB
  • Conclusions
    Elie Faroult, Directorate-General for Research, Unit K2 -Science and technology foresight
    PDF Document, 4 pages 205KB