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Presentation of INTERVALUE in ICEIRD Conference

The INTERVALUE concept and project activity will be presented in the ICEIRD (International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development) Conference.

This conference will take place on 27-28 May in Novi Sad. Keep informed about this conference in the conference web site


“Valorisation of Academic R&D: The INTERVALUE Platform”
Nikos Komninos1, Christina Miariti2, Dimitris Milossis3, Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos4, Nikos Zaharis5.
1 Aristotle University, URENIO Research Unit, Thessaloniki, Greece, [email protected]
2 South-East European Research Centre (SEERC), Thessaloniki, Greece, [email protected]
3 Aristotle University, URENIO Research Unit,Thessaloniki, Greece, [email protected]
4 Aristotle University, URENIO Research Unit,Thessaloniki, Greece, [email protected]
5 South-East European Research Centre (SEERC), Thessaloniki, Greece, [email protected]

This paper presents an organizational framework and a methodology toolkit that tackles one of the major hurdles of economic development in South East Europe (SEE), the missing link of the innovation triple helix: the valorisation of research performed in the region’s universities and research centres. SEE region is lagging behind in terms of innovation even though it includes many active research centres and university labs, producing results that cannot find their way to the market.

The concept of a deficit in R&D expenditure has recently served as a crucial focusing device for research and innovation policy in the EU. Relevant studies assume that R&D support mechanisms must strengthen the R&D take-up by creating critical system links oriented to market-driven R&D efforts. Support actions for strengthening this interaction are limited by low-level accessibility of R&D results by enterprises, due to internalities of research effort; weak knowledge transfer mechanisms; communication barriers between academia and industry; failure to meet a critical mass of R&D results due to isolation and lack of cooperation.

Based on the work performed within the INTERVALUE project (funded by the SEE Territorial Cooperation Program), a methodology and a web-based toolset has been developed that allows innovation intermediaries (such as knowledge transfer offices within Universities) to identify potentially marketable R&D and provide valorisation plans that could lead to market commercialisation of R&D. The toolset guides IP valorisation agreements based on detailed examination of each R&D result with regard to its technical feasibility, IP protection, market potential, and investment/ funding opportunities.

Download the presentation Valorisation of Academic R&D – The INTERVALUE Platform

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